Friday, November 14, 2008

..i finally did it!!..

I finally did it! Seriously I am! I hev finish the most nonsense and crappiest workload I ever encountered all this years working in govt. sector. I'm not so sure why. But I'm working in dept where have workload that never ends. Oh come on! I use to be so lay back. Because I can actually predict and plan my work. But not here in this dept. No sirreee!

I can't believe it, I finally did it. I finally finish it. The dateline is on Monday though. And they ask me to do it stupidly by yesterday! Yesterday!!! Can u imagine it!!?? To be honest I cried myself silently at home. While sobbing myself to tears, whereas my babies were sleeping behind me. And saying to myself, that I can finish it! I can! I CAN! Not a single shit can bring me down and hold me back. But in my heart..deep inside my heart..I'm scared!!! I'm scared of being scolded. Coz' seriously, I can't tolerate scolding of impotent shit! Giler aku cakap omputih, yang aku sendiri tak paham!

Ya Allah, thank you for giving me extra strengths..thank you for answering my prayers...thank you for not forgetting me.. ALHAMDULILLAHH.. aku sangat bersyukur...



Miss Moon said...

tahniah fara akhirnya nko berjaya

nko mmg hebattttttttt hu hu wat cam citer adi dan ayah ok

walaupun nko banyak2 kije nko masih gaks nak menggatal tiap kali ym aku misti nko romen aku kannnnnn

tahniah faraaaaaaaaaaaaa

...$weE+ 666... said...

meh nak pelok sket meh!!! u did it!!! am proud of u dear!!! *hugs*

aku windu ko, sgt sgt sgt...
mcm speechless tak tahu nak ckp per... Allah jer tahu cemana aku windu ko... pelok lagi skali! *hugs*


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