Saturday, May 31, 2008

..tentang seorang suami lah lagi..

Hehehe lagi lagi kena tag.. Terima kasih Puan ZZ kerana mengetag saya.. ahahhaha skemanya ayat aku ini. Dah lama tak layan tag. heheheh So here goes:

apa yang anda suker tentang suami anda...

apa yang aku suka tentang suami aku? He maybe not my first love, but definitely be the last! hehehehe the truth is aku kahwin dgn dia atas sebab 3 factor ini!

- He is handy with tools! i.e dia amat reliable dalam benda2 nak merepair atau membaiki anything. Mcm kereta kami. Tak pernah hantar servis, sebab dia boleh buat itu servis. Maksud kata, he can change the plug, engine oil, absorber etc all by himself. Cost effective don’t you think? Hahahahahha Other than that, kalau ada kerosakan kat rumah, macam tukar kepala paip ka, tangki atas rumah bocor, clogging, sangkut railing curtains; dia leh buat semua kerja itu. Tak payah nak hire orang lain. Invest beli black & decker dan other wrenches sahajo!

- HE LOVES ME TO THE FULLEST! He doesn’t admit that mind you. But masa dulu-dulu time banyak pakwe, he came to be the best of all the engineers I was dated. Perangai bagus! Hati bagus!

- Dia pemalu. Aku suka tease dia gila babas. To the extend dia akan macam tersipu-sipu tak tahu nak buat apa. Nak senyum salah. Tak senyum ko kalah. Hahahahahah Mula la langgar semua benda, sebab serba tak kena! Lagi satu, aku suka tarian kungfu hustle mamat nih. Hahahahhaha dah la kurus ngan pengkonya.. Terpesona den ni haaa!

adakah anda seorang yang romantik?

Hopelessly romantic! I alwez gave kie a suprise! No matter what. Tak kira la suprise yang bagaimanalahkan! *wink*

adakah suami anda seorang yang romantik?

Hmmm.. totally the opposite of me. Tak pernah bg aku bunga, sbb bagi dia bunga tuh nanti mati. Rugi kira-kira! Hahahahha Tapi masa jiwa2 dulu, dia bagi aku chocolates utk kasi pujuk hati aku yang merajuk. Hahahahha Tak kira la cadbury RM1.60 tuh. Janji dia ada bagi. And add to the suprise, hati aku cayo biler dapat chocolate itew! Do you know that, the simplest gesture bring the smile to your face?

luahkan perasaan sayang yang lahir dari hati yang ikhlas untuk orang tersayang...

Yang, you are my sun, you are my love. You are everything to me. Thank you so much for able to change walaupun tak banyak, but still it changes everything. My heart to you blooms once again. Thank you yang, for the wonderful 2 kids that we share. Really appreciate it the effort that you made to have this relationship works!

apa yang anda mahu dari pasangan anda...

Erkk Erkk Erkkk Harku mau harta berbilion. !!!

Kasut dan bag yang berdesigner. !!

Hahahahhahah !!!!

Yang, I need to hear those words once in a while. I need to know that you still love me. I need to be praise once in a while. I need to know that you care. And after stating this, I know you do. But still I need it....

tag pada yg dah berumahtangga jer...

1. Azie – Ummi Sofea & Yana
2. Roney – Ibu Amir & Najaa
3. Wada – Mama Eideil & .....
4. Ila – Mama Syahmi
5. Nurul – Ummi Irdina
6. Asma – Mama Kimie & Syahmi

Friday, May 30, 2008 last..

I heart my new layout! keh keh keh keh

I just love my new layout. Seriously. It defines me. And yes..contrast makes reality. And blue is definitely my all time favourite color, besides red and black.

Currently I am smiling from ear to ear. Canggih sey! others is not a big deal to change the layout of your blog. But for a first timer like me, it is surely a bliss! Marti tergelok lar english aku lintang pukang. Sib baik Puan ISKL tak masuk lagi..kekekekkek

I loikeee!

p/s: Terima kasih En Isnaini

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

..the time of my life..

I’ve been waiting for my dreams
To turn into something
I could believe in
And looking for that
Magic rainbow
On the horizon
I couldn’t see it
Until I let go
Gave into love and watched all the bitterness burn
Now I’m coming alive
Body and soul
And feelin’ my world start to turn

And I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time
To be more than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life

Holding onto things that vanished
Into the air
Left me in pieces
But now I’m rising from the ashes
Finding my wings
And all that I needed
Was there all along
Within my reach
As close as the beat of my heart

And I’m out on the edge of forever
Ready to run
I’m keeping my feet on the ground
My arms open wide
My face to the sun

I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time to be
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
This is the time
This is the time of my life.

Monday, May 26, 2008

..the TYPE A personality..

What Farahiyah Means

You are loving, compassionate, and ruled by your feelings. You are able to be a foundation for other people... but you still know how to have fun. Sometimes your emotions weigh you down, but you generally feel free from them.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something. You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.

You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.
Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia. Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing. You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.

You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in. You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising. You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

Monday, May 19, 2008 84% stress..

Your Stress Level is: 84%

Wow! Not only are you extremely prone to stress, you're a total ball of stress these days.

And while times are certainly tough right now, being stressed out is not making it easier.

Your stress is effecting your relationships, career, and most importantly, you health.


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