Thursday, June 10, 2010

..the perfectly chocolate cake..

I'm an active baker that bakes cake/cuppies/cookies every week for the sake of my little ones. Thus Izzah and Imie. I've been baking non-stop, be it on my stoves or using my ever smallest oven. Baking to the extend, I manage to give some to my colleagues, neighbours and relatives.

And I've just realise, I used to love baking a lot. To the extend, my mom don't actually know whom to give the output product, since my sisters were in college at that time. I did manage to take some orders back then. It includes a 2 tiers wedding cake! Believe me, I did. It was a super duper yummy choc moist cake. Masa tuh lah the best kan. Topping was choc ganache and lots of almond flakes as the deco.

And now I have two little rascals that are demanding their ummi to bake Birthday Cake every week. Penat la weh. But I'm weak to refuse their cheeky little mouth saying, "Tolong la ummi buat kek hari jadi...". Notice the polite TOLONG gesture? It's a sentence that weakens me, and cannot refuse their request.

This recipe is actually from Hersheys. But I found the recipe through MAMAFAMI. Thanks mama for sharing it with us. *WINK*

p/s: Lepas tuh aku bloated..gemuk dan lain2 lagik.. But see the look on my children's face.. speechless.. Sorang makan 5 bijik sekali gus.. As for my son Imie, he is actually allergic of eating chocolate too much. Lepas makan tuh, ambik ko.. tak henti ke toilet.. kena tukar diapers sokmo.. hehehehhehe



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