Monday, May 3, 2010


Saya tahu setiap kali awal bulan..
benda2 yang buat saya frust pasti akan terjadi..
Every early month without fail!

With lots of reports and vouchers to be made..
plus dealing with so many bullshits and craps..
and yes people..
without fail!

You see...
I'm just doing my job..
and up to u to deliver it to me..
according to the guidelines that being set up by me..

But I can't tolerate with all the grumblings and questioning my query..
If it is not complete or lots of error..
how the hell do you suppose me doing my job?

Tell me please.. please do..
When I'm asking nicely to amend the errors..
You pissed off and telling me off..

And yet, at the end of the day..
It is me who have to face the other superior..
for not able to present an acceptable presentation..

Pls laa..

I'm so the extend..I might puking my lunch to you...

But then I remember something that I bought not long ago.. a few weeks before my gud fren of mine lenny went to labor.. hehehehehh Made me smile all the way....

p/s: To think back what we talked tru phone long time ago kan len.. I think I really deserve it la.. hehehehehehhehhe Walaupun sisters aku cakap aku beli cap Ayam.. biarkan mereka.... cap Ayam won SuperBrand awards per.. mueheheheheheheh



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