Thursday, February 11, 2010

.the saddest girl in the world.

Starts February, I made an oath to myself that I have to or at least having a few hours to myself. So I started to read again after so long.. Well I read.. but when the mood strikes me. Then later I really should have a few hours of isolated a world of my own.. Only me..non other.. hehehehe

Biarlah orang kata selfish.. people dun know what I've been through lately.. So yes.. read before going to bed.. and saturday night..watching chick flicks or romantic movies while eating junks and chocolates.. HAhahahahahahahah

But of cos, I have to wait until my TWO lovely rascal went to bed first.. hehehhe.. If not ada makna ke a few hours to myself punya phrase.. So yes.. my recent trip to KL..I bought a few books for me.. sebenarnya nak beli books for my kids.. end up..I forced myself to buy books for me to.. Here it is.. Currently.. I read, THE SADDEST LITTLE GIRL IN THE Cathy Glass.. so far so good.. Nanti aku review k.. hehehehheheh

p/s: Mau makan pizza duluk..hahahahah


Ijann said...

Macham best jer buku tuh!... Tak per ko review dulu, nanti aku carik kat Kino.

Gud gud! You've progressed! You really do need your time and space. Give yourself a break from all the hassle and enjoy it while you still can, before you continue stuggling with those beautiful rascals of yours. Hehehehe... Plus one more of course, your hubby! (^_^)

Apa pun, 3R jer... Hihihi...

p/s: Love those programs!


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