Friday, June 27, 2008

..a bloody mess!!!!..

Boleh tak kalau aku cakap. There are people that are selfish and cruel? I don’t know this, until I married Kie. Seriously I don’t know this kind of people does exist! Am I naïve? Or just plain ignorance? Or perhaps, I just know, but simply ignore it.

Why this pretense, if you don’t mean it. Why pretend, if you suck at it. Pretending is ignorance! And thus, ignorance in pretending! Ignoring the heart that you hurt. For example, mine! And yes, it hurt like hell! For a second, I do believe that we can be sisters at heart!

I don’t believe that you can be this cruel and heartless. I don’t believe the warning given to me. I don’t believe all the nonsense about you, that being told to me. I don’t believe a dime! But suddenly, I was taken aback with your bitterness. I was speechless at first. And later, I was raving with rage! If look can kill, mine will surely do!!!

But I have to face the fact. I am alone in this isolated place! And I can’t deny the right that my kids need their cousins and friends! And I can’t deny, that the blood that running inside Kie, is entwined with her. And sooner or later, I will forget the insolence and move on. Ah hell! I just cooked in her house!

What a bloody mess!


...$weE+ 666... said...

yeah, i truly felt u.

some people are just suck, and have nothing meaningful to contribute to life and we will just have to deal with that. we can try to be nice and all, but some people are just immpossible!

there is a dark force in human and she/he (whoever ur refering to in this entry) are consumed by it. jgn layan sgt lah poms... she/he are just wasting ur oxygen. not worth it okehhh... dont ever care about what these rejects have to say bcoz ur better than her/him, so screw 'em! self pride rules! :-)


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