Thursday, June 26, 2008

..he deserves it..

..imie's new mattress..
So this is it. The new mattress for Imie. It has been a while since I wanted to buy a new mattress for Imie. He desprately need a new mattress. The old mattress which belongs to Izzah when she was baby, has already surrender to the exceeding weight of Imie. (which is currently he weigh 9.6kg). Although he just recover from misleas. But that did not stop him from drinking milk. Orang selalu kalau demam, mesti turun berat badan. Dia tak. Like nobody business, rileks jer minum susu as usual walaupun penuh campak satu badan.

..harap-harapnya tahan lah..

It is not like me to posted something what I buy in my blog. But honestly, I have to publish this one, because it is a BIG thing for me. And for Imie. Thou it is quite pricey for a mattress. Huhuhuu.. But it is thick and that should be a privileged for Imie, due to his weight. It is not that I am complaining. No! I mean it is ok for babies to increase in their weight.

..ini izzah punya laks. pun in dire need to change to a new one. ummi dapat another cheque, then kita tukar yer sayang..

Tetapi klu pakai tilam yang amat nipis, kesian la kat Imie. Sakit badan lah dia. Eventhough I have give hints to my siblings about buying this mattress. heheheh But then after received my insurance cash cheque, I decided to buy the mattress on my own. hehehe Taklah smpi beratus. Tp still it is pricey dengan condition finance yang terhad.

..both imie's & izzah's..

Biler dah beli tilam, kenalah beli sarung tilam dia plaks. So that, when I washed the current, I can immediately use the extra one. So imie, we (ummi, abah n kakak) love you bebeh. Sweet dream... Moga-moga tahan lama la mattress inih... aminnnnn.



...$weE+ 666... said...

bestnyer imie dah dpt tilam baru yer... pasnih tido lena yer sayang yer... tido sampai ke pagi... jgn kacau ummi lena diulit intan k... kalau mama jijie datang sana, tumpang tido kat tilam imie bleh? hehe... alamat makin bertambah melekuk lerrr tilam baru mu itu... ada yg kena mengamangngamangkong dgn ummi dia kang.. ekkk... larikssssssssssssssssss!!!~

u totally deserved the best la sayang! *muahz muahz*

Kasih Aleeya said...

uikk bestnyer tilam baru imie.. bolat jek imie ni tido best buat btl pelok nieh..hahah.. izah pon tido dlm tuh lagik ker fara.. baguih ko train..kalo acih jgn arap.. dia nak luas2.. siap tendang aku ketepi x kasi rapat..ehheh


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