Wednesday, April 13, 2011

..not so wordless wednesday..

Korang pernah tak rasa buhsan.. frustrated..
Buhsan dan frustrated sebab setiap hari benda yang sama gaks akan buat.

And no matter how hard ko buat, nothing can satisfy you?

Korang pernah tak rasa tak leh bernafas.. macam world is suffocating yourself..
To the extend you can’t breathe.. you feel helpless..

And all you can do is sighing and sighing.

Korang pernah tak rasa cam frustrated sangat,
Frustrated sebab macam mana pun ko bagus kerja, other people will look down on you..
And no matter how hard you work.. but people will only know how to strangle you?

Last night I’ve cried.. not because I am weak..

Not because I’m not good…

Not because people will only know how to find my fault..

But I’ve cried because I was frustrated for being underappreciated..

And no matter what I do to prove myself..
People will only know how to strangle me...

I feel like crap..

I feel nuisance..


I feel crap...
and I want to cry some more..
Cry till the extend there's no tears to cry...

p/s: Abah.. Mak.. tunggu kepulangan anakanda sekeluarga ujung bulan nih... kita gi vacationnnnn!!! yahuuuuuuuuu...



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