Thursday, December 10, 2009

..owh e.m.o.s.i..

Rite now I'm feeling blue...

Missing him so much..

I know it is sudden.. but can't help it.. it just come..

And you know what?

It does break my heart.. coz' I know he won't feel the same like I do..


And I miss him..

Missing him the old him.. Missing the guy I fell in love at the first place..
Missing the guy I'd met at MV, behing a pillar near JJ..
Missing the guy.. who'll bring RM1.20 cadbury bar to "pujuk" whenever I was sulking..
Missing the guy who dance Kungfu Hustle dance for me..

I mean.. I know it is not a crime to miss him..
But to know that he is lacking in the way that I've felt for him..
It does break my heart..
And I know too.. that somewhere in his heart..there is a place for me... somewhere in his heart..

And again.. Missing like killing me softly with his attitude..

And again.. I miss you sayang... so very too much..

p/s: Adakah aku sedang menghadapi situasi PMS? I dun hev PMS.. ever! Seriously.. And now that I am 30ish.. aku sudah pandai ada PMS?? Owhhh tidakk... hehehhe

"Mr Kiey.. I love you and right now while doing my work.. suddenly I am craving for you.. craving for your love and attention.. And missing you so much.. So very too much..."


JuJue said...

macam ni punya kes...biasalah. skang ni mula2 mmg PMS. pastu rindu rinduan.. pas PMS & rindu kompommmm peknen!!!

...$weE+ 666... said...

...i used to keep all the desire in my heart and my heart alone. lil' that i know by telling him can save our marriage from falling apart. tell him fara! not us...

tell him, tell him that the sun and moon rise in his eyes. reach out to him and whisper tender words so soft and sweet. u'll hold him close to feel his heart beat. love will be the gift u give urself!!! ur love can't be denied, the truth will set u free. u'll have what's meant to be... all in time u'll see... *hugs*


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