Friday, August 1, 2008


.B. L. A. N. K.
i can't describe how i felt now
simply because it all coming back to me now
how i wish he was different
how i wish he care
how i wish he really care
how i wish he carry the burden, i carried all this while.
i just need a mere pat on my head
i just need a mere kiss on my forehead
i just need a 3 seconds hug
i just need to be told that you love me
i just need you to hold me
and never let go....
but now, feeling insecure
feeling not love
feeling sad
feeling so sad
feeling like someone stab to my heart
piercing the sacred love
that belong to me
feeling negelected
i am sad
i am lost
i am insecure
but i know
all the feeling will be gone
by the time i close my eyes
and tomorrow
there will be
the usual routine
and all be forgotten...


...$weE+ 666... said...

its all coming back to u huh?!! well, i dont blame anyone. not even the third party, coz such thing happened. being a normal mere mortal, we're weak to fight those feeling.

come, lean on my shoulder as we shared the same emotion of this specific one. i just dunno how to calm u, when i am the one loosing my calm much earlier than urs. i lost my comfort words, when i am the one who had lost so much blood all this while. i'm just pointless... speechless... blank... like u...

thus, we might as well hug each other and weep ourselves alive... *hugs* and let the time heal...


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