Wednesday, July 6, 2011

..Wordless Wednesday version sakit..

p/s: itu jer yang mampu aku upload since aku masih shaking with high dosage medication.. my mom called me up and said my sweet little brother of mine (sweet ke ko dik?) has bought me a lancel purse when he was in Paris.. you see this would be my sweetest birthday ever.. i've got new muffin pan and baking liners from Mas, a longchamp medium tote from Linda who stayed in UK and a Lancel purse from my adik.. and a sms from my dearest Kie saying I luv you yang, Happy birthday without me asking and forcing him to do.. it was a bless! i am sick and yet blessed! sangat sukaaa!!!!!! thank you so much for the thoughts and wishes and pressie yer..i love you all! may Allah will return the favor to your kindness.. muahhhsss...



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