Thursday, July 14, 2011

..this are their story..

I read their story in Moon's blog...I cried. Really hard.. For those who knows me, I seldom cry.. shed a drop or two maybe..not crying..But reading their story from the day this couple enggage..then continue to tying the know.. I know that they are happy... And they are and still surrounded with family and friends that love and care about them..


This is RAFIQ. The bundle of joy of the couple namely Talib & Norma. But currently, RAFIQ cannot be with his parent. This is due to his mommy condition that are not able to tend RAFIQ. RAFIQ has to stay with his grandmama in Taiping because his daddy has to take care of his mommy. All this while, even his aunt Moon and uncle also took care of RAFIQ during the early days of his born. His mommy is sick. Really sick. His mommy Norma is diagnosed with Brain Cancer STAGE 4. Even when she had RADIOTHERAPY, the therapy cannot help to reduce the swollen tumor. You can read the details of the story here.

It take a lot of effort for myself to do this entry. Not because it's a burden. It's my responsiblity actually. But I couldn't help myself crying just thinking about that Norma..Talib..and Rafiq. From the day he was born, he never actually felt his mommy's love. Since at that time, Norma was a bit weak and baby cannot be bring inside the hospital. I am so 100% emotional about this. So bare with me, lend me a minute or two just reading this entry towards the end ya..

And this is Norma. Bayangkan diri anda di tempat dia. You've been diagnosed with brain cancer. And you just give birth to your first born..and not yet celebrate the 1st anniversary.. Before that, you and your husband were separated..and only recently be together.. But you have brain cancer STAGE 4. And now imagine, apa yang family ini sedang alami? Sedang lalui? Rafiq belum lagi puas bermanja dan bermain dengan mommynya. Cuba bayangkan?

"Syafakillah syifaan ajilan, syifaan la yughadiru ba'dahu saqaman".

"Semoga Allah menyembuhkanmu secepatnya, dengan kesembuhan yang tiada sakit selepasnya."

"Tidaklah seorang muslim diberi penyakit melainkan akan menggugurkan dosanya sebagaimana pohon menggugurkan daun2nya …"

As we know, the expenses for cancer treatment is tremendously high! And yes, with Talib who works alone will not be able to support this expenses. With the cost of ambulance to bring Norma for treatment.. the medication.. the tubes..etc..etc.. Eventhough diagnosed with STAGE 4 cancer, this family won't hold back.. but do everything they can do to bring Norma for treatments. Yes, the doctor has already decided for Norma to bring home. But this family won't give up! They will try everything that being suggested by friends and family. But it is costly.

So lend this family a hand.. You can give various of help that includes in terms of moral support, money, dua' and others things too. We can make a different. We can bring hope and help them together. Put our shoes inside theirs.

Moon is my good fren that I know from fotopages. And we became close and good fren. She may be happy go lucky but honestly.. currently she and her family are in difficult time. Moon, aku sayang kat ko. For me you are one of the sweetest and nicest person yang pernah aku jumpa dan kenal. Hang in there dear friend. Aku harap ko sekeluarga tabah menghadapi dugaan ini.

Jika anda ingin menghulurkan bantuan ikhlas buat Norma, sumbangan boleh di kreditkan ke:-
Noormawati Mohd Rasif

Hanya ALLAH sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa baik anda sekalian. Semoga kalian mendapat rahmat dan rezeki yang melimpah...

p/s: Saya tidak mendapat arahan atau suruhan dari sesiapa lebih2 lagi dari keluarga Moon. Ini adalah atas dasar kemanusiaan dan tanggungjawab kita sebagai seorang manusia dan muslim..


Miss Moon said...

fara ,

u make me cry dear ....awal awal pagi mak dah nanges neh apa kessssssssssss

love u fara lalink


Lenny said...

semoga urusan mereka dipermudahkan..

thanks fara for sharing.. moga2 usaha kecil kita... diberkati... amin

azdra-azdra said...

moon: napernya nak nangis.. ini jer yang aku mampu buat..semoga dipermudahkan urusan korang sekeluarga.. hugsss... love u too dear..

lenny: semoga dipermudahkan.. it's my pleasure... aminnnnn...


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