Friday, March 18, 2011


When things are no longer a fun thing to do... what should you do?

I've read somewhere in Mai Okinokiyo blog regarding when you no longer happy to go to work.. you should change your work.. or you work place. I'm in the middle of doing that. I'm heartbroken. I know my work sucks! pay sucks! But..I am still happy to do it.. Because I love the adrenalin of having to submit things in short time of period. I love it! Eventhough penuh ngan carut caci maki.. but still the satisfaction of being able to settle it in short period... well.. I can't describe the feeling.. but it does feel good..:)

So why now? After all this years... why now..???

1. I can't tolerate people who cannot work in a team.

In my working area, we have to have a strong bond between the members. We relate to each other. When 1 screw up.. there's another person who can back up that. When 1 person went for a course or on leave, others can back up the work. When others screw up, it will affect me.. because I'm the one who'll be doing the reconciliation and all. I don't mind cleaning up others people mistakes, if they forgot or key in wrongly.. because we are human. And human make mistakes.. Lots of them

But I can't tolerate mistakes that occur from EGO! You are new to the work..and you act like you know everything..but you don't... you don't ask anyone..and make a lot of mistakes.. to the extend I have to settle to another agency to settle it..getting lecture..accusing me for not teaching you..padahal ko yang tak tanya.. bila tanya..ko tahu semua..

2. I can't tolerate complainer

Part nih memang hangin. You are new to the department.. but you whined a lot! I hate whiners.. I hate people who complains a lot. You criticise other people works... Semua orang buat tak betul.. ko jer yang betul.. Such a nuisance.

Honestly, this office have so many issues that full of craps! But I can tolerate it, because I have friends who are supportive to each other. But lately since this new person enter the department, I really hate to work in tense..negative environment..

So here I am.. tender my resignation.. perghhh resignationn seyy.. ko nak bagi anak ko makan apa dol? hahahah tak lah.. I'm thinking to transfer to another department. I had enough! I had enough of this bullshit! I had enough!

p/s: Kekadang orang nampak cam alim.. dengar radio yang berilimiah.. tak macam aku dengar nih..tapi hati? hati aku lagi suci dari hati orang itu...;)



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