Friday, January 14, 2011

..rainbow cakes..

Yahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Pengembala kek telah berjaya membuat 5 bijik kek pelangi untuk deliver kepada customer.. Buat kek kecil2an jer.. nothing biggie actually. But still I am happy and satisfied with what I'm doing right now. Something to ease the stress and tension actually. Kek pelangi is one of the recipe that I love to bake. Simply becoz' it is fun to do it. Play with colours, eventhough later you will have colours smudge all over your hand.

And I love the smell too. Perghhh! The smell of the aroma when I open the oven lid.. can make me earn another 2 kilos.. Hehehehe And I love vibrant colours. And the feedback was super duper good.. and that makes me One Happy Baker! Hehehehehe

I tried to make this cake in miniatures.. and I tell you lahkan.. It was a very tedious work. I mean in larger pan.. you can put all the mixture in larger form. But for cupcakes, it takes a lot of work.. spoon by spoon.. FYI for cupcakes you have to use tea spoon.

p/s: My parents and my 2nd sister are coming to my house tomorrow.. and I can't wait for tomorrow to come.. I missed them so much...


Lenny said...

cantiknyerr... bleh share ker recipe?

azdra-azdra said...

leh yang.. nnt aku buat entry lain k..

Lenny said...

yeays.. thankkksss.. lap u lah

Anonymous said...


For cupcake, you boleh isikan color lain2 dalam piping bag. Lepas tu, boleh piping sikit2 semua color tu dlm cawan kek.



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