Monday, January 17, 2011 layout..

Kalau korang rasa pelik blog nih.. maafkanlah.. I'm in the middle of try and error process in toggling my blog.. Sangat nak pening kepala otak aku nih.. so far header dah up.. tapi background sangat la lembap nyerlah dah keluar...

So amacam this new layout and colour? Pretty soft aite? It doesn't really me.. hehehe sajer tukar hangin.. dan inilah kali pertama me using the new blogger.. kah kah kah.. iyerlah orang lain dah guna like eons ago.. tapi aku baru terhegeh2 nak guna.. hehehehe maapkanlah aku.. heheheh


I know pink is not actually my cup of tea.. but it is to cute to pass.. hehehe alasan la tuh.. am I warming up to pink?.. I guess I am.. you know.. having a girl in the house that requests all of her stuff to be bought in pink.. that includes her underwear.. So I guess.. I have to give blue a rest.. since I am warming up to pink.. heheheheh


maszmadi said...

hm, ada la 4 minit nak tunggu background kuar yerk.. hehe, too soft da colour la..... huhu

Ijann Hj. Marzuki said...

too plain la!... huhu... the last one much better than this one!


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