Wednesday, July 30, 2008

..:the end of JULY::..

I love July. I always love July. July has been the number ONE month in my heart. Whenever June has reached it ends, I am for sure smile with gratitude. *sigh* Yeah, I know one of the reason is I was born in July. The 1st of July to be precise. Furthermore, I just turned to the BIG THREE OO this year. But what really excites me are, July probably one of the reason that connect and clip the whole Hairiri’s clan. There will be lots of calls and lots of messages that will exchange between the family members. July is basically the month that are full of Hairiri’s family member’s birthdays. Lot and lots of birthday date!

On the 1st of July, I celebrated the 30th birthday. You see. I am basically the leader of July’s birthday, even though I am born later of the year. Then there is my Abah, Hj Mohamed Hairiri Bin Hj Zainal Abidin who was born on 7th of July in the year where Japan attacked Malaya. Yes, you get it right. It was in 1942. And he celebrated the 66th birthday last 7th July 2008.

And then, there is my 2nd sister birthday. My dearest Nyah, Haslin Mohamed Hairiri who was born on 11th July 1972. Celebrated her 36th birthday, on 11th July 2008. What excites me the most would be Izzah’s 2nd Birthday that is the same date with her Achik Yein. Bestkan. Perangai pun lebih kurang. Suka nangis dan ngamuk masa baby. Huhuhuhuhuhu

Last but not least, my 3rd sister who is just celebrated her 34th birthday last 27th July. She is my another Yang, Hairani Mohamed Hairiri and Achik Nani to Izzah and Imie. So including her, there are 5 members of our family that basically celebrated in the same month. How cool is that? Sgt coolio okeh! Hehehheheh

I am now officially close the month of July! Hahahahhaha


...$weE+ 666... said...

ha ah, sangat coolio! pastu kopak pun yer gak kalau kena beli hadiah befday, huhuhu... mcm aku arrr... masuk ogos aku dah ketaq lutut dah nih... cemana nih?!!! help!!!

aku rasa ko pun tahu, adik-badik aku + mak aku sumer befday bulan ogos. mak aku jumaat nih jer, 1 ogos. dia dah hint2 aku takde apa2 ke, huhuhu... gilos tak aku awal bulan dah broke! :'(

start ogos dan seterusnyer, aku mmg broke arrr pasnih! aiyarkkk, lariksss!~


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