Thursday, January 31, 2008

..happy me!!..

amacam?? coolio tak saya??


I am happy! Seriously I am. Don’t know how to describe it. But somehow I am happy. What more can you ask for. I am blessed with TWO wonderful kid of my own and a husband who is to ego to admit that he loves me. He does love me though. Even though there are times that I feel to kick some sense in him.

We have our differences. But we settle the differences, sooner or later. Like my friend said, that’s why I am fated to be with him. Because he is the one with a temper (so am I, mind you), and I am the one who sooth him. I used my brain maa! Hahahahhahahahah Kalau seorang nak meroyan, tak akan dua-duanya sekali meroyan kan??

I tried to be like my mom. She is my idol in shaping my marriage life. How she handle things, us and my dad temperament. He’s not bad temper but he was strict. The strict was for his children sake and for our future. Kalau tak, kami 5 beradik tak akan jadi orang kan? Alhamdulillah all of us graduated with degrees and diplomas. (Even though cuma aku jerlah yang paling condemn.)

the adorable imie..

So being like my mom is tough. Quite difficult to remain silence to your husband temperament and being patient about it. Seriously! I’ve tried! Allah knows how I tried! It works for a while, but later you just want to scream some sense into him. But later, I found out that, is not worth it to make you all worked up. If you cannot beat them, joined them or be more sarcastic about it e.g; just smile through the argument or just simplified it. Remember! There are TWO children that need my attention and honestly it takes tones of energy just to make the TWO of them satisfied!

So that’s it! Up and down in marriage tu biasalahkan. Just be the genius one. Because we the woman are granted by Allah with brains to clear up men’s mess! *wink wink* And mind you, the woman also are the genius that fulfill the requirement to organize and handle a household! We ROCK!

So that’s it. Hoping that this feeling will remain till the end of our life.


happy2gether said...

Kak Fara, I'm happy for you...u're lucky to have Izzah & Imie to cherish and to love...agreed with your mom, sometimes it tough to let go and be quiet about it, but as what you said, we're the smarter sex right?*wink*wink*

hugs to Izzah Imie!!!mmmmmuahs...

dbab said...

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hugs to your lil ones..

see that you baru deliver baby boy last dec rite? congrats on your second dear!:)

Lenny said...

ya.. i am happy for you too...

kalau kita menghappykan diri kita ... and bersyukur ngan apa yg kita ada..
we'll be more happy than ever..

semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayatt.. aminnn

...$weE+ 666... said...

u know i always hepi for u and will always pray for ur happiness, kan dikkkkkkkk!!!~ huhuhu...

Miss Moon said...

K Fara , ingat la bahawa anda adalah seorang superwomen . Tuhan dah tetapkan kiter hidup berpasang pasangan ...koz we complete each other ...apa apa pun dia la pasangan yg terbaik untuk kiter hingga ke akhir hayat

apa apa pun im happy for u dear koz u know how to make people around u happy toooooo

Kasih Aleeya said...

misti ko tekojut tetiba aku lak kat comment ko ni ha..heheh. aku mmg respect kat superwoman mcm ko ni.. handle dua org sekali..msk kie..3 org sekali..hahah.. cemana ko buat ha? meh kasi turun ilmu sikit.. adikk nak tau gakkksssss!! hahaha...

Azie N Arif said...

Fara, walaupon aku ni jarang nak masuk blog ari ni aku tekejut nama aku di sebut dlm entry ko sebelum ni.

I know how you feel dear. Dengan anak 2 yg masih kecil. Dapat suami yg susah membantu. Sume depands on us. Kita dgn keja office..uruskan rumah lagi...uruskan mkn suami lg..pakai baju..gosok baju...dgn bangun malam buat susu anak lagi dan bla bla bla...kalau nak senarai memang panjang what ever happens to us kita redho cause when the time comes semua akan berakhir. Kena byk sabar. Kalau ko nak tau...setelah selamat aku melahirkan ilyana...tido aku cuma 4 hours a day. Mula dulu memang sakit kepala sbb tak cukup sekarang dah lali. Aku pun dah jd cergas sekarang...Byk berdoa...dan kuat semangat ok gurl...I know you can do it!! Buat sume demi izzah & imie.

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