Friday, February 23, 2007

people sometimes can be inconsiderate..

kadang-kadang macam terlampau sukar untuk berbuat baik dengan orang.
kadang-kadang macam malas sangat nak baik dengan orang.
kadang-kadang macam tak mahu nak berbaik-baik dengan orang.


kadang-kadang manusia nih, memang tak patut di buat baik..
kadang-kadang manusia nih memang tak perlu untuk di cakap baik-baik..
kadang-kadang juga, manusia nih memang tak payah la di buat baik!

kenapa perlunya manusia yang macam nih?

izzah demam campak seminggu.. aku memang tak cukup tidur dan since dia tak nak dekat kie, jadi terpaksalah aku melayan izzah yang penuh dengan ragam. izzah jarang meragam. tapi bila sekali dia meragam, memang tak terlayan dibuatnya. serba tak kena dibuatnya..

then aku dapat tahu from my officemate about another officemate than has been complaining about me to HQ! all for naught! simply becoz SHE is too consuming about the mistake that SHE assume I made!! and after that, is being confirmed by HQ that there is not such thing as the mistake that she accused me to do!

what made me fiercely angry is, why the hell she has to do that? i didn't do nothing to deserve such treatment. i did everything in my power to make sure that i do my work and pleasing everyone. every single one i know! and why is that? coz' i have a theory in my head, that when i treat everyone equally and nicely, people will treat me the same!

but that isn't going to happen. is it?



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