Tuesday, February 27, 2007

can I be more this spastic??

ya Allah.. seriously I'm in huru hara mode. I dun know why I can be this unorganised. all i'm asking is just please leave me alone. only for a while. just just give me 1 hour, so that i can concentrate more on my work. so that i can finish up my endless work that seems not able to stop.

i've tried to reorganised back. the thing that i should do first, and tidy up according to its priority. but they seem not able to leave me alone. the huru hara mode seems to catch all the energy i've tried to save on the buziness schedule as a housewife n an ummi later. n all are building up, until i felt chocked and unable to breath!

all i'm saying is, i just need a peace to myself. so that i can breath and exhale. so that i can finish the thing i should do.. just 1 hour. i need 1 hour to reorganise..to reboot.. to see things more clearly....can i? or can't i?


...$weE+ 666... said...

fara, take a deep breath. i know how miserable u feel. been there again and again, endlessly.

what i do to release all that is just took a look at my fenriz for a moment. i was sooo besotted by him, nothing else matter. he has made a huge difference in my life just by being my son...

he gave me hope.
he gave me peace.
he gave me strength to go on when i felt lost and helpless.

i'm sure izzah will do that to u too! *hugs*


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