Thursday, April 3, 2008

..a SIXTY TWO birthday..

Dear mak..

A sweet soft spoken person.
Who well verse in English and Malay...sometimes she speak Mandailing too...
Never beat us..but will talk non stop when she reach the limits of patience.

A very dear person to me..
Very patient with the rest of the clans..
Every time I was beaten by abah, she will rub minyak chiwit-chiwit at the place I was beaten..

The one will bebel me a lot about consequences and help me through the rough days.
Back in the days, always back me up from abah temperament.

The one who cooks the family well known dishes for us. Even when I was pregnant.
She will come to KL or Pahang, to give the food to me.
Because she know I love it.

I inherited the creative fingers...the patience...from my mak.

Happy 62nd birthday dear mother. May Allah bless you with good health and iman. I love you for the rest of my life....


...$weE+ 666... said...

hepi belated SIXty-two befday, mak!
may Allah bless u for always... *hugs*

thank u for being the everything ur to my bestfwen... thank u for giving birth to her, if not i wouldn't know how beautiful frenship is! may u stay healthy, panjang umur murah rezeki... aminnn...

Lenny said...

happy besday mak fara...

semoga panjang umur murah rezeki..

fara.. aku tau minyak chiwit2 tuh... aku kecik2 suka la pakai minyak tuh.. tapi skang dah tak tau nak beli kat mana... huhuhuh


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