Monday, July 2, 2007

...happy birthday to me...

aku dah 29! not a big deal. takkan semakin tahun..semakin muda laks.. age is no longer a concern to me. all i want for this birthday is to be with my precious Izzah and my family.. and i already have that..have i?

(3 mak dara pingitan)
pergi ke KL..membawa hati yang lara..semata-mata ingin menggembirakan hati yang gundah.. since he haven't wish me until 11.59am 1/7/2007. kul 12.00am dah 2/7 dah.. aku redha..jika ini's not a big deal.. since i already immune in this kind of situation...

(zz, walaupun anak kau terkepit..aku treasure our friendship)
tapi yang pasti aku gumbira tepuk tangan ramai-ramai..bila dapat berjumpa kawan-kawan yang amat aku rindui...amat aku kenangi..tq dear frens..for making my day.. walaupun dalam hectic..ramainya umat..susah nak parking..jiwa tgh all still make my day... with that

(zz, aku suka sgt hadiah nih..tq so much...terlampau convenient)


...$weE+ 666... said...

hepi befday sahabat tersayang! its ur day, i want u to be hepi for u deserved to be happy not only on ur befday but for the rest of ur life... its ur special day (walaupun dah tua setahun, takpe maintainnn ok...), chill in atmosphere of cool, sip whatever u please, indulge ur soul with songs and most of all stay healthy! stay YOU!

the gift was just a smallest gesture from what i wanted to give u. i'm more than happy knowing that u treasured our frenship with all ur heart. our bond are beyond words. i think no explaination needed. i love u my fren! izzah is such a diamond. i'm sure her 'adik' is too!

*lots of love, hugs & muahz*

happy2gether said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KAK FARAH, i really felt bad coz I forgotten it's yr b'day that day! sowwy...hope u enjoyed our outing...n Kak Farah...u're a dear friend of mine...u take care! Hugsss n Kisses...


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