Monday, July 6, 2009

| the name card |

I had this conversation with someone last week. As we chat tru Ym, we did exchanged what new in our life. He with his latest project and me with the latest passion. Honestly we still missed each other tremendously. But hey, what passed is passed. No matter what him and I will alwez have each other no matter what.

Tukar topic. huhuhuhu

Then aku just send my sample of so called name card to him, just to get an idea from him. And last Saturday he mmsed me the new name card that he created for me. Sebab dia kata takder pic bagai kan.. Dia mmg suka complaint. Tapi complaint membina. hehehheh


So here it is, what do u think? Kalau ikut kan aku, aku buat simple nak mampus jer.. hahahahaha Kepada pengkreativiti tegar, sila komen.. hehehehe.. baru ku perasan the wordings for services tuh tak centre.. hehehehe

Thursday, July 2, 2009

| introducing... |


a new baby...

For those who knows it earlier...thank you so much for the endless support. You know who you are.. *wink* Eventhough I just officially introduced it today, but the blog has already exist a month ago. hehehehe I've been doing this for fun at first. And not ever thinking to put it online. But a good fren of mine, ym me "fara, why dun u open a blog to promote what u r doing now?". At first, I dun even trust my capability of doing that. I simply do it, mainly because I love doing it. And the fact that, I lived double life.. where in office I was piled up with huge workloads...and at is a therapy just doing it. *smile*

Sekarang nih.. thanks for the endless support from my friend.. thank you again.. I am officially introduced another baby of mine.... simpleribbons. hik hik hik

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

| i am 31! |

so i am 31 yrs old today

i am blessed with the double I and a quite-reasonable-rengus-sometimes penyayang husband.. hehehhehe
blessed with a good life..a good on-off health..
blessed with a family who back me ups tru ups and downs
blessed with something that i longing to do so for a long time
blessed with so many things
thank you ALLAH



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