Thursday, January 31, 2008

..happy me!!..

amacam?? coolio tak saya??


I am happy! Seriously I am. Don’t know how to describe it. But somehow I am happy. What more can you ask for. I am blessed with TWO wonderful kid of my own and a husband who is to ego to admit that he loves me. He does love me though. Even though there are times that I feel to kick some sense in him.

We have our differences. But we settle the differences, sooner or later. Like my friend said, that’s why I am fated to be with him. Because he is the one with a temper (so am I, mind you), and I am the one who sooth him. I used my brain maa! Hahahahhahahahah Kalau seorang nak meroyan, tak akan dua-duanya sekali meroyan kan??

I tried to be like my mom. She is my idol in shaping my marriage life. How she handle things, us and my dad temperament. He’s not bad temper but he was strict. The strict was for his children sake and for our future. Kalau tak, kami 5 beradik tak akan jadi orang kan? Alhamdulillah all of us graduated with degrees and diplomas. (Even though cuma aku jerlah yang paling condemn.)

the adorable imie..

So being like my mom is tough. Quite difficult to remain silence to your husband temperament and being patient about it. Seriously! I’ve tried! Allah knows how I tried! It works for a while, but later you just want to scream some sense into him. But later, I found out that, is not worth it to make you all worked up. If you cannot beat them, joined them or be more sarcastic about it e.g; just smile through the argument or just simplified it. Remember! There are TWO children that need my attention and honestly it takes tones of energy just to make the TWO of them satisfied!

So that’s it! Up and down in marriage tu biasalahkan. Just be the genius one. Because we the woman are granted by Allah with brains to clear up men’s mess! *wink wink* And mind you, the woman also are the genius that fulfill the requirement to organize and handle a household! We ROCK!

So that’s it. Hoping that this feeling will remain till the end of our life.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

..the 50th day..

how i love this picca!!
Hari ini adalah hari yang ke 50. Though I’m not in my confinement period, but still I feel tired to the bone! Seriously, it is not easy to be a wife and a mother. And I’m still on maternity leave that will be over this 4th February. Just imagine how I look like when I start working that day. Adding another job to the list as a career woman. Though sometimes, I do feel like quitting and be a full time ummi and a housewife. My job does suck big time though! But I need the money. So, who am I to blame?

Sekarang ni, barulah tahu condition Azie macam mana. Dia pun anak DUA dan kerap macam aku. Takder saper pulak nak tolong. But still, she has her husband to help her when he’s a round. Honestly, man can be obnoxious selfish, ungrateful and feelingless! Seriously! I felt like kicking his shin! Like ‘wachaa’ kind of kicking! The reason of being tired from work can not be use of being selfish etc. Seriously! As though that I’m not tired. All this while it is me, who’s be handling this 2 children of ours. Now that I am home, there is house chore to think of. Having not able to sleep for 50 days does have the advantage of being the reason for being selfish. But I’m not selfish, am I? If I am, he’s going to see the house “tunggang terbalik’ condition or letting the children to cry their heart out whilst I could have the leisure of sleeping! But I didn’t do that, did I?

I know, it is not good to complaint. Plus there will be ‘pahala’ deduction if you are not true enough in doing your responsibility. But to whom you could let go the anger and frustration that has been building up in you?? And somehow, I do know the answer. In this matter handling your anger and frustration thing, I turn to my mom. And she advised, be reasonable and wise. Don’t let you anger and frustration control you, even though the thought of stabbing her with a pencil does cross my mind. Having the devilish thought in mind, do ease the feeling a bit. Heheheh

I came across this article in one of the magazine that my mom read during my confinement period. It is one of the reasons that keep me calm and smiling today. That makes me sane till this day. As a woman, you have the advantage of all the goodness in this world. Everything you do, Allah will be grant ‘pahala’ to you easily. Especially to woman that has become a wife or a mom. Don’t know how to tell this, but I survived his grumpiness today! Seriously! I survived without biting my lips!

Alhamdulillah. Terlepas satu dosa aku hari nih. Walaupun aku rasa macam nak terkeluar mata aku ni tahan geram. Heheheh But I feel tremendously calm today! Don’t know what happen. Perhaps I just make myself busy, until I forgot to feel angry. Ahaks!

bley ker aku buka nursery lepas nih?? hehehe

Thursday, January 3, 2008

..the man who sold the world..

..kenapa aku pejam mata?? sukahati aku la..aku nak tunjuk bukti lepas bersalinkan izzah, aku still can fit those kebaya...huhuhuhu...

Bday kie yang ke 31! Tapi adakah benar umurnya 31 tahun? Adakah sekadar gimik semata-mata?? Heheh I know what u did last week la yang. Mula-mula aku tak tahu alkisahnya cerita di sebalik kelahiran kie. Nak tahunya, he was actually born in December 1976! To be precise 31st December 1976! Secara tak langsungnya, he was actually born in the same month with Imie! Who would think of that? Aku sama bulan ngan Izzah and Kie sama bulan ngan Imie!

Nak jadikan cerita, orang dulu-dulukan bersalin kat rumah. Then it will take some time, for them to register the birth of their child. Then by the time abah kie gi register which is in Balai Polis, so he put la 2 January 1977 instead.

Moralnya?? Kenononnya, depa nih dok kesian la anak lelaki depa nih lahir hujung tahun. Orang lain dah berjanggut tua, dia masih terkial-kial nak jadi tua! Kuikuikuikuikuikuikuikuikui

Anyway yang, HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY ke 32nd? Hehehehe but age does not matter kan? Yang penting hati mau happy dan ceria sokmo! May Allah bless you alwez, and how we bless to have u as my husband and abah to Izzah and Imie. We love you heaps!

p/s: Kie’s bday was during my confinement. So I ask my mom to buy his gift, yakni sehelai t-shirt. And she selected herself. Aku suruh mak beli yang murah, instead she bought for him yang mahal coz’ she said the mahal one is much better in quality. Jadi moralnya apa anak2? That kie is their favorite son in law? Or perhaps kie yang mengada, sampai sikit2 abah ngan mak cakap, zaki dah makan ker? Dah buat air untuk zaki ker? Sikit2 zaki itu..sikit2 zaki ini. Adakah itu menggambarkan aku jeles? Idak lah sama sekali. Good for him! But too much of him, bikin ambo terjelueh! :p

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