Monday, February 18, 2008

..chaotic but truly blessed!..

I’m enjoying plus cherishing my life right now. Eventough a bit chaotic, but truly it completes me. The children are super duper full with character. Izzah? Huh she is adorable, cheeky, and cute and lots more. But once she open her mouth and scream, I feel like clogging her with whatever that can stop her to scream. Heheheheh Nak berak pun jerit! Nak makan pun jerit! Nak mandi pun jerit! Nak jalan-jalan pun jerit! So tell me how la??? *wink* *wink*

Perhaps there is the truth about people telling having new baby in the house, might incur insecurity feeling to your first born. But I am being fair, to both of them. Eventough it means dodoi Imie in his buaian and holding Izzah at the same time. And plus there are house chores and cooking to do. But nothing else matters. I’m not trying, but I’ll be the best in doing what I do now.

..another gift from God, that I treasured..

I just love to hold Imie. Just love to entertain him at all times. Perhaps I missed Izzah when she was Imie’s age. And that’s the reason I never get bored entertaining my Izzah. For Izzah, I still have the guilt for not being there for her at her first 4 months. I was a weekend mother back then. I was still working in KL. I have to leave her with my IL, while waiting to be transferred to Temerloh. But I am here, am I??

.. the simplest smile that can amend the worse of my days..

Still the guilt is there. And I am kind of qada the times that I lose for Izzah with Imie. And still I amaze of him. Every single thing, it amazes me. The slyish smile, crankiness (no doubt) and the ability to make me smile after that is priceless.


...$weE+ 666... said...

comey giler anak2 ko... anak2 aku gak kan?! :) imie dah besar... suker giler aku tgk dia tido letak tangan atas pala camtu... comey to the max! sampai skrg tak jumpa dia lagik. harap next week dpt jumpa for the first time, cewah! berdebar-debar plak, cam nak jumpa pakwe baru gitu... hehehe... izzah maintain comelssss! tp hawatnyer dia suka terjerit-jerit. ko suruh ler dia bersopan-santun sket, dia kan girl... hehe... ke masa ko preggie dia ko mmg suka jerit-jerit? *wink*

*muahz muahz*

Kasih Aleeya said...

suker la tgk ko ni fara..superduper mommy..heheh.. tp mmg best melayan pe'el budak2 lom lagik pikir kalo yg leh bagi kepala aku kuar api...hahah..cant wait to see imie ngn izzah this week..hahah..

happy2gether said...

betul ckp Zz, comel2 anak2 Kak Farah nih, Mai pon suker tgk gambo Imie yg letak tgn kat kepala tuh, so cute...u're blessed with imiey & izzah...tak sabo nak juper gak...miss u!

D.a.a.l.i.a. said...

Fara.. memang comel2 anak2 awak ni.... salam perkenalan.. thanks sudi order kek dari saya, insyaAllah saya akan buat yang terbaik utk mak Fara nanti ok ...

check my email to you ya ? dapat tak email ?

Belladonna said...

Auww, they are super adorable :)


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