Thursday, October 25, 2007

..dia sakit lagi..

when she was 4 mos old

Dia sakit lagi!

Having the same symptoms when she was warded the other day. Thank God I came early yesterday. Because I had my tummy check up with the clinic, thus Kie fetched me later. But it all started when we reached home. Izzah started to cry before she vomited. She vomits to the extend my clothes were soaked with her vomiting. At first I thought she was having that regular vomiting and later she will be alrite. But I was mistaken.

She just can’t stop vomiting and crying altogether. And I just can’t stop worrying. In my head I was imagine the image of the ER at the hospital. Today is the holiday for Pahang state. Meaning that, Kie has to take turn sit with his brother at the hospital. And for Izzah’s condition, I’m afraid the whole routine before warded will take place. I am in no condition to have that energy to go that ordeal again.

We took her to the clinic. The only clinic we trust so far. The doctor diagnosed her symptoms as food poisoning. (Izzah has new nanny now. Since my MIL, has to take care of her son.) At the clinic, I asked the doctor to give something to ease her vomiting and to comfort her stomach. He gave something real effective, but has to given through her butt. Just imagine the screeching of sound and crying that came out from Izzah’s mouth. (I don’t have the heart to see her in that condition actually. But things has to be done, before it gone worse.)

Luckily, Kie exchange places with his elder brother. So if anything happen, I am not that scared.



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